Seed Animation Studio London

We are a London based animation production studio, with a specialisation in distinctive character animation.
2d immigration magic Plasticine horror Turkey Survives Christmas Juki characters Arena visuals for Coke Stop Motion style 3D animated Film for RSPB Animated Ident using a mixture of styles Band practice in the latest Todo commercial Tetley's Gaffer goes CGI for the first time in 30 years The Magic Seeds, a poem, mural and now a short Accident hero comes to the rescue 'Pointilsimed' baked goods for Edita Foods Animated mix of 2D and 3D for this First Trans Pennine ad Plasticine fun in this commercial and bumper for Edita foods Exploding pinata for RTE's branding ident 2D, 2.5D and 3D animation all in one package for Gunze Animated street party for Cheeky Bingo All aboard for Red Spotted Hanky's first commercial Animated TV commercials for Carshop More lively animated action for kids channel JCC Promo animation for this product launch Dancing bottles of Feelgood Drinks Animated action for kids channel JCC Nightly broadcast loop for JCC. SSSssshhhhhh... Anime style animation for Animex Festival MTV gets First Aid Characterful colourful race for Asics Apps a plenty for Carphone Warehouse Shadow puppet animation for All Bran Lots of hugs in VCCP's Digital global warming warnings for MTV A dot gathering for Animex Festival Animated robot love in this school reunion encounter Dark comic animation for E4 Audio Visual creature created for HMV's The Vault service Seed 2d animated branding for Discovery A curious Nickelodeon cow Lemsip doing some lifesaving Commercials for Ford A Christmas campaign for Euronics Geishas doing their washing rather elegantly More animated fun for Super Croix