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We are a London based animation production company, with a specialisation in producing distinctive character animation.



Periscope, based in sunny (in summer) Minnesota came to us (virtually) asking for our help in creating a 15” and 2x 6” promoting compostable tableware. After our initial excitement had died down, we were relieved to hear that it was going to involve a jam packed jolly animal/insect parade.

Alongside our usual bold and humorous offering we pitched the idea of animating the happy throng over custom built miniature backgrounds… which is great if you’re not in the middle of a global lockdown. Thankfully Boris released us back into the wild and made all of our tableware dreams come true.

We illustrated some nostalgic Fleischer inspired characters, injecting them with OTT emotion and focused on telling our extremely short story, following an ever growing parade, holding aloft this sturdy AND good-for-nature picnic set through lush woodland.

Watch out for Comeback King Worm, Salmon Sandwich Bear and other blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments.

Much fun was had by all. More pls.

Watch the making of video:


Director: Morgan Powell, Neil Kidney
Executive Producer: Neil Kidney
Production Company: Seed Animation Studio
Storyboarder: Andrew Hammond, Yohann Auroux
Design: Dylan King
Animators: Freddie Elsom, Pedro Vargas, Sean Weston, Valérie Galchynska
Clean-up artists: Dominic Anastasi, Jessie Francis, Leroy Ayton
Set build: AMS
Shoot Producer: Lisa Hill
DOP: Tristan Oliver
Music: South

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